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Genealogy & Research

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You may have recalled a pearl of wisdom a grandmother instilled in you, or had a tradition passed down over the years, but do you have a clear picture of how this fits in to your ancestors a hundred years ago? Two hundred years ago?  For many people, going much beyond one or two generations is a monumental task.

Let Family Pearl help. We can start with interviews of elders in your family, reviews of documents you have, or begin independently. However, whatever you do, contact us to start today



Family Connections


It is more important than ever that a strong extended family be established and nourished to ensure the wellbeing of our children today, the adults of tomorrow.

Family Pearl will help you build and strengthen your family network by helping you locate lost relatives, creating and maintaining a family website or newsletter, or organize a Family Reunion or other event.  Don’t let another year go by without seeing your family.  Contact us today!

Legacy Stories


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Legacy Matters – Pass it on!

Have you wondered what your children’s children, and their children will remember about you? The pearls of wisdom you’ve collected throughout your life? The successes and struggles that yielded core beliefs. Wouldn’t it be great to capture them now before it is too late, and pass it on, like you would financial resources in a will? Family Pearl will facilitate that. Living Legacy is a Project developed to capture the living history of the 20th Century.  Photographs, audio and video are captured and stored on the LegacyStories.org website, and stored for current and future generations to access. Get started today!

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